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Modern world of sound and music is multifaceted. And one needs to understand this from someone Currently working in the industry.

We at SIAonline are a part of the mainstream industry and thereby have designed a course that is tailored to suit the real world scenario. On the other side, those who are new to the world of modern recording, musical instrument digital interface, digital audio, and their production environments should be aware that a person new to the recording or studio environment might easily be awestruck by the amount and variety of equipment that’s involved in the process; however, when we become familiar with the science, the tools, and techniques of recording technology, a definite order to the studio’s makeup soon begins to become clear, with each piece of equipment being designed to play a role in the overall scheme of music and audio production.

We have walked the extra mile to ensure that the students learning online will get the complete knowledge for the said subjects via the face-to-face learning, our E books, Demo Videos and extensively developed assignments.

The goal of this course is to serve as a guide and reference to help you become familiar with the recording and production process. When used in conjunction with mentors, lots of hands-on assignments, further reading, and simple common sense, this course will, I hope, help you.

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    Every Month
Duration :
6 Months
3 days/week (2 hours/Class)
Total Classes:
1 Lakh
Mode of learning:
Live Online Classes.
  • Lesson 1: Sound Basic’s
  • Lesson 2: Digital Theory.
  • Lesson 3: Microphones.
  • Lesson 4: Tonal processors.
  • Lesson 5: Dynamic Processors.
  • Lesson 6: Studio Consoles.
  • Lesson 7: Audio Effects.
  • Lesson 8: Digital Consoles.
  • Lesson 9: Studio Acoustics.
  • Lesson 10: Studio Monitor Speakers.
  • Lesson 11: Cables & Connectors
  • Lesson 12: Computer.
  • Lesson 13: Audio Interface & Sound Cards.
  • Lesson 14: MIDI.
  • Lesson 15: Starting With Pro tools.
  • Lesson 16: Starting With Pro Tools 2
  • Lesson 17: Basic recording & Editing.
  • Lesson 18: Plugin processing.
  • Lesson 19: Tempo & Beat detective.
  • Lesson 20: 2 track & Multi track Session Editing.
  • Lesson 21: Automation.
  • Lesson 22: Mixing 1.
  • Lesson 23: Mixing 2.
  • Lesson 24: Finalizing & Mastering.
This course equips the student with the fundamentals of audio engineering. The course is designed keeping the practical application in mind. We look forward to create a audio engineer who is equipped not only with how to use a software but will have skills to conduct a session, work with musicians, make himself fit in to the studio and win the heart of the music producers.
  • Budding musicians who intend to make a mark in this industry by creating there own tracks.
  • Those, who look forward to become a Sound engineer.
  • Those, who are fascinated by studio life.
  • Those, who are fascinated by film audio, attracted to sound design of a film.
  • Performing musicians
  • Understand Fundamentals of Sound.
  • Navigate analog and digital audio console, control, and understand the DAW architectures.
  • Understand the components needed for good recording
  • Have a decent Knowledge about room Acoustics & how to work with low budgets.
  • Choose the right microphone for the right Instrument.
  • Listen and do professional analysis of a Recording.
  • Diagnose the problem areas of a recording.
  • Create professional sessions on pro tools.
  • Edit Audio In pro tools.
  • Understand the way to manage Sessions.
  • Lineup a session for Mixing.
  • Understand Gain structures in A mix
  • Imaging In a mix
  • Creating a Good Mix and Master.
This course is designed for freshers or currently working Musicians/ Engineers. A 10+2 Education In Any Faculty would be enough to learn this course. The Most Important Prerequisite Being the Passion for Sound
SIAonline will provide you with a PDF E book as a reference Book for this Course.

The DAW used for the Course will Be Pro tools.

Apple Computer Or Compatible Windows Computer.

Minimum Intel I 5 / 7 2.8 Gig Processor with 16 GB Ram &1 TB Internal Drive.

A pair of studio Monitors Or Studio grade Headphones.

Apogee Duet Or Compatible Professional Sound card with 2 Ins & 2 Outs.

Pramod Chandorkar
Pramod Chandorkar
Dr. Pramod Chandorkar, is the Founder and director of SIA Online & Soundideaz Academy. He has been working as a Sound Engineer since 1995. Has worked on numerous Mega hit albums and films as Chief Sound Engineer Best Mix & Recording Engineer Zee Cine Award 2005 - Hum Tum Best FOH Mixing For the "Sonu Nigam Live in Concert "2012. (Palm Sound & Light Awards). Sound designer for the internationally acclaimed film "Jal".
Mujeeb Dadarkar
Mujeeb Dadarkar
Mujeeb Dadarkar, Sound Engineer and Co-founder Odble Consultants, is a well know name in the music industry. He has been a recording engineer and technical consultant to the Audio/ Video industry since 1983. His experience as a sound engineer has spanned numerous documentaries, advertising and feature film projects. He has also worked extensively as live sound engineer for world-class artistes like Ustad Zakir Hussein.
Vijay Benegal
Vijay Benegal
Vijay Benegal’s career as an independent Sound Engineer has spanned close to three decades with experience on diverse sound recording and mixing projects for radio, films, television, and music albums. He is also a Live Sound Engineer having worked with local and international artists such as Kailash Kher, Indus Creed, Slash, Niladri Kumar, Steve Smith, Louiz Banks, Dave Holland, Chris Potter and other luminaries. Vijay is currently touring with Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy as well as Ustad Zakir Hussain’s Cross Currents.
Amrut Mahajan
Worked as a mixing engineer for various independent Artist Albums for Times Music. Worked as a mixing Engineer for Indie films like Sand Castles, Lipstick Under My Burkha, Picnic, Mirror, etc. Worked as a Sound Engineer for Logix Microsystems Ltd. Bangalore, India.
Vijay Dayal
Vijay Dayal, Chief Sound Recordist at Yash Raj Studios, began his career as a musician but his inclination towards understanding the technicalities of sound fascinated him and his interest in learning the technical aspect grew. He started executing sound mixing of shows and is currently doing live and studio engineering. Some of the movies he has worked on mixing engineer includes Gundey, Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai, Sairat, Agnipath and Ra One. As an FOH engineer, he has worked with Asha Bhosle, Ajay-Atul and Pritam Chakraborty.
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